An Unconventional Love

I recently surprised myself and my friends and family by falling in love with a man twenty years older than myself.


But to be honest; stranger things have happened. After the dust settled (and my Dad got over his heart attack) we were plain sailing.

It did get me thinking though – why have we been brought together? He’s an ex-army spiritual hippy who isn’t happy unless he’s outside exploring some forbidden condemned building, and I’m a fairly quiet, indoors kind of girl who’s a bit chubby round the edges and who loves to knit. Match made in heaven? Maybe not on paper.

What we do both have in common though, is a love of exploring the universe – not just outside the front door but inside our own heads. In a short space of time our explorations have taken us to places that have been terrifying, amazing, crazy, hilarious and a little bit random. Tim has over a decade’s worth of experience in life coaching, meditation and yoga but he’s still learning just as much as I am with my small 8 months or so interest in the mindfulness vogue growing throughout the nation.

“The world is a classroom and life is the teacher,” is something Tim quotes at me often and it’s something that we both strongly agree with. Not a day goes by that we don’t learn something new and – big or small – nothing learned is ever wasted.

Why have I started a blog? I’m not quite sure myself yet. I do know that every day will bring someone’s voice to my ear saying;

“I wish I had that…”

“I feel awful about what I did last week.”

“I couldn’t possibly do that, I’m too scared.”

I know that negativity can be easy to fall into – so easy we don’t realise we are bathing in it. However, what about if you were surrounded by a feeling of anything is possible? A feeling of daring to try something new every day? Or a feeling of total confidence that you can achieve whatever you set out to do on that day? How would that change things for you?

Tim is a happy person and he radiates warmth and energy no matter the day or situation. I’ve seen him quiet and contemplative in our relationship together but I’ve never seen him miserable. He tells me people often approach him incredulously, to ask how is it that he is so happy all of the time? He just laughs and shrugs.

He knows about the energy inside us all and how it flows together in the universe. It’s something I’m just embarking upon discovering myself and it’s making me get up with a smile every single day.

I’m learning yoga (fell over quite a few times – not as easy as it looks). I’m learning how to meditate (surprisingly interesting, even though it looks boring as hell). I’m learning how to try and apply mindfulness to everything I do and live in the present moment. My fears are starting to break down inside of me and my heart is opening to life. The lessons Tim and I learn as a couple are helping us progress towards our goals with fun, humility and love all mixed in.

I hope that by writing down some of the things we learn ourselves; maybe some people will read it and relate. Maybe they’ll tell me they’ve had a difference experience altogether or maybe they’ll ignore my internet ramblings and get on with their day. Whatever happens is fine by me because the world is our classroom and life is the teacher. Nothing we ever experience will be wasted.

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